French Press Coffee & Tea Maker with Heat Proof and Stainless Steel Filter, 11 Oz / 350ml

Product Description

A heat resistant tempered glass with plastic frame and a stainless steel filter that makes coffee and tea the French Press Style! Very easy to use and cleaning is a cinch! Makes great smooth coffee and tea without paper filters! Ideal for vacations or traveling! Take to work and get amazing coffee and tea every day! Heat resistant with a plastic frame. It could also be a wonderful gift for family and friends whol makes coffee and tea! Measurement of 11 oz / 350 mL

Product Features

  • Make great and smooth coffee without paper filters!
  • Very easy to use and cleaning is a cinch!
  • Heat resistant with plastic protection
  • Made of Stainless Steel Filter
  • It is a portable size of 11oz / 350mL


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